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Bees and Wasps Exterminators in Edmonton

Although bees are beneficial insects for the environment, they do pose a threat to humans. We all know how painful a bee or a wasp sting can be. These insects are a more serious problem for those who are medically allergic to bee/wasp stings. With Ernst Exterminators by your side, do not let the fear of being stung have you running for the indoors. Our bee and wasp exterminators in Edmonton and surrounding areas are available to tackle your bug problems. No matter how large the infestation is, you can count on us to deliver an effective solution. 

The first step is to identify a bee or wasp to eliminate them from your living spaces.

A Quick Guide

Here is a list of the most common bees and wasps found in Canada:

Honey bees

Physical features:
Golden brown in colour, hairy body
When are they seen:
Hollow trees, chimneys, wall cavities, or roof spaces


Physical features:
Furry body with yellow or orange stripes
When are they seen:
Underground nests, especially abandoned mice nests; can also be found above the ground, mostly around decks or patios

Carpenter bees

Physical features:
Typically black, smooth and shiny with a metallic green or blue sheen
When are they seen:
Unpainted wood, weathered wood, or softwoods such as pine, cypress, cedar or redwood


Physical features:
Shiny black body that features a yellow pattern that is comparably brighter than that of a honey bee
When are they seen:
Late summer
They prefer to live underground


Physical features:
Similar to yellow jackets, the only difference being that hornets are larger; hornet wasps are either black or white
When are they seen:
Spherical nests elevated in the air with the inner chambers covered with a paper-like substance

Paper wasps

Physical features:
Small, long head and a slender body; black in colour with a few yellow or rusty brown stripes and orange antennae
When are they seen:
Exposed nests, not covered with the paper substance

How to Identify an Infestation?

Look for the following signs to be sure that your space has had an infestation:

Seeing bees or wasps around your property
Hearing constant buzzing sounds
Seeing wasps flying too lower to the ground
Finding hives or nests in the property
Noticing dirt or soil excavations
Finding tiny semi-circular holes in your plants

Control and Removal of Bees and Wasps

The best time to control wasps and bees is when the queen establishes her new colony. The colonies are small at this time and, therefore, nests are harder to find. But they are also less populated. It is best to destroy the nests during the night when the bugs are less active. 

As we already know, nests can be found in empty spaces like vents, under decks or steps, attics, crawlspaces, or hollow walls. It is very difficult to destroy nests in these locations. Therefore, it is best to call for professional exterminators for good control. At Ernst Exterminators, before starting the treatment, we conduct a visual inspection of the area. To control or remove the infestation, it is important to destroy the nests. We have the equipment and products to remove almost any wasp or bee nests. Our technicians work with sprays to knock down bees and wasps around the nest and then use professional pesticides to provide good control. We understand the importance of bees in the environment, and therefore, work with local honey bee farmers to relocate honey bees.

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Why Is It Important to Control Bees?

Apart from the excruciating stings, bees are powerful enough to destroy your property. For example, carpenter bees burrow into softwoods and may nest in eaves, window trims, siding, wooden shingles, decking, and even outdoor furniture. In extreme cases, they can bore holes into a wooden structure to the extent of making it unstable to the point of collapsing.

Should I Be Worried About Bees?

Though bees are considered friends of nature because of their pollinating benefits, many species are known to sting humans and the sting can be quite painful. Bee stings may even be fatal in extreme cases where the victim has a serious allergic reaction to the bee venom.

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