Exterminator Services in Edmonton – Get Rid of Insects & Rodents

Free your home or business from pesky intruders with pest control services from Ernst Exterminators (Fumigators). We are dedicated to providing efficient, effective pest removal services that ensure your unwanted visitors won’t be back. We handle a variety of insects and rodents including, but not limited to the following:


Wasps can be social or solitary and come in a range of colours from black and yellow to metallic greens and blues. Unlike honey bees, wasps do not produce wax, but rather a paper-like material from wood pulp. They use this paper to build combs.


Mice colonize in attics, burrows, walls, and under porches and concrete. They can carry various parasites like fleas, lice, and ticks that can cause certain diseases, making them a serious threat to your home. Mice usually invade a home for food, water, and warmth.


Bedbugs bite. They leave distinct patterns when they bite, usually in a linear group of three. Bedbug bites affect everyone differently. The most common side effects are welts and swelling that are itchier and last longer than mosquito bites. Some people might have no reaction at all.


Ant colonies are adaptive to many environments. This means pest removal techniques usually involve more control of the local ant population rather than complete elimination of an entire colony. To help keep ants away minimize food access and seal possible entry points.

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